Naked women fighting in public

Posted: August 19, 2010 in News
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Just a quick one!


Quick run down: Two women in Darwin started having a fist fight over a man – one of them decided to take all her clothes off…….in public.

Hmmmm…… one must pose the question, how does stripping all your clothes off during a fist fight help you win said fight?

So as the article states they were fighting over a man. Fair enough, these things happen. Some women are incredibly feisty when it comes to men! But really, do you have to have your brawl in front of so many people in broad daylight? If attention is what you were seeking then bravo, you got it ladies.

As for the nakedness…….. why? That’s all, why? If someone is throwing fists in your face that last thing you want is to bare your flesh so she can cause you even more damage! Unless she thought that revealing her naked body would somehow prove that she was the better woman because she had a better body? Was that the logic going on in her head? Either that or she was drunk or high, the article says they couldn’t ascertain whether she was drunk or not. I’m thinking it’s highly likely, people love taking their clothes off when drunk…..especially in public.

It says that she had the other one on the ground (whilst naked) was this perhaps turning into a somewhat sexual fight? Hence why she felt the need to take off all her clothes. “Hey, we are dating the same man….. you b*tch…. actually that’s kind of hot, excuse me for a moment whilst I remove all my clothes and get on top of you in public.” That would definitely explain why she apparently then laid down on the ground, still completely naked, and started smoking a cigarette. She was spent.

Reading articles like this definitely remind me how crazy some women are and how willing they are to put their lives on display. It reminds me of the days when I used to watch Jerry Springer and the fat black women screaming on the show pretty much always decided to flash something to the audience to prove how good they were. What a classic show that was.

In the end, this guy they are fighting for can’t be that good. Everyone knows that when two women are fighting over a man and one of them somehow ends up naked he would be in the front row with his camera out.

Just a thought.



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